Jim Steck, Steckfigures, Inc.
Jim Steck, Steckfigures, Inc.
Jim Steck�s favorite style is what he calls �modern retro.� He creates fun, funky illustrations that sport the care-free feelings of decades ago; plus, his vibrant colors and lively backgrounds make his images pop from the page! When telling a story, consistency is of paramount importance to Jim, as witnessed in his illustrations of the 32-page children�s picture book, Little Rhino Has No Horn, published by Karen Hunter Media, New Jersey. Jim loves project planning, too. For instance, he writes copy and contributes age-appropriate themes for some of the 100-plus greeting cards he�s illustrated. His clients include high-profile companies for which he�s created product graphics plus magazines oriented to children, sports enthusiasts, entertainment, non-profit groups, and more. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Jim�s been illustrating and directing art projects for three decades. He�s a 3-D thinker, mindful of movement, and skillful with sensory elements. Jim and his wife, Terri, live with their daughter in Central Florida.
Jim Steck, Steckfigures, Inc. has 56 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
Funkyback Patterns  11
Stecklings 2
Littleheads Set 1
Funkyback Patterns  07
Stecklings 4
Funkyback Patterns  02
Christmas Ornaments 04
Littleheads Set 6
Funkyback Patterns  04
Christmas Trees 03
Funkyback Patterns  01
Funkyback Patterns  13
Littleheads Set 2
Christmas Ornaments 03
Littleheads Set 10
Littleheads Set 9
Funkyback Patterns  06
Christmas Snowflakes 01
Christmas Ornaments 02
Littleheads Set 7
Christmas Wreaths 01
Funkyback Patterns  08
Christmas Ornaments 01
Funkyback Patterns  16
Christmas Gift Boxes 06
Funkyback Patterns  12
Funkyback Patterns  15
Christmas Ornaments 05
Funkyback Patterns  05
Christmas Trees 02
Funkyback Patterns  14
Littleheads Set 3
Christmas Gift Boxes 07
Christmas Trees 01
Littleheads Set 5
Funkyback Patterns  09
Christmas Holly
Christmas Gift Boxes 02
Christmas Trees 05
Christmas Ornaments 07
Funkyback Patterns  10
Christmas Trees 04
Christmas Snowflakes 02
Funkyback Patterns  03
Christmas Gift Boxes 03
Christmas Ornaments 06
Christmas Wreaths 02
Littleheads 4
Christmas Gift Boxes 05
Christmas Candy Canes
Christmas Stockings 02
Christmas Gift Boxes 01
Christmas Gift Boxes 04
Stecklings 3
Christmas Stockings 01
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