Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Born in 1978, Ryoichi Tsunekawa had an interest in art and graphic design since he was a child. While enrolled in the graduate program for architecture at Nagoya University, he decided to devote his free time to designing type. Following school and finding work as an architect and engineer, he returned to his passion for type and established his own digital foundry, Flat-It, in 2005. His typefaces have quickly found their way into the work of designers around the world.
Ryoichi Tsunekawa has 97 Fonts Available for Desktop, WebFont, Mobile App & ePub Licensing
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Flat10 Antique
PAG Novembris
PAG Club
Word From Radio
Antique Spenserian
PAG Liberta
PAG Sottoterra
Flat20 Hippies
PAG Syndicate
Flat10 Holy
Civilite Vigesimals
Flat10 ArtDeco
Flat10 Fraktur
PAG October
Garash Script
PAG Julio
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