International House of Fonts (IHOF), a division of P22, is a type boutique that showcases distinctive type designs and designers from around the world. The IHOF collection embodies a sensitivity towards historical lettering, while introducing unique and contemporary typefaces. IHOF was established in 2001 and presently includes designs from Japan, Germany, Hungary, Canada and the US. The selection is rich in calligraphic scripts by lettering artists such as Michael Clark, Arthur Baker, Ray Cruz, Rob Leuschke and the original designs of Karlgeorg Hoefer and Charles Paxton Zaner.
IHOF has 71 Fonts Available for Desktop & WebFont Licensing
P22 Bifur
P22 Zaner
P22 Casual Script
P22 Mackinac
P22 BlancoNeg
P22 Platten
P22 Dearest
P22 Allyson Pro
P22 The Stickley Optical Family
P22 Nudgewink Pro
P22 Tuscan Expanded
P22 Mexican Relics
P22 Late November Pro
P22 Speyside
P22 Typewriter
P22 Coda Pro
P22 Durer Caps
P22 Vidro
P22 Nebiornaments
P22 Yule
P22 Huffer
P22 Numismatic
P22 Operina Pro
P22 Ornes
P22 Catalan
P22 Kirkwall
P22 Frau Jenson People
P22 Spiggie Pro
P22 Festiva
P22 Platten Neu
P22 Hedonic
P22 Late November
P22 Tai Chi
P22 Akebono
P22 Larkin
P22 Telegdi Pro
P22 Matador
P22 Cusp
P22 Dwiggins
P22 Tulda Pro
P22 Cigno
P22 Counter
P22 Wedge
P22 Kilkenny
P22 Zebra
P22 Bramble
P22 Cilati Pro
P22 Mucha
P22 Sniplash
P22 ST G Schrift
P22 Dyrynk
Vale Pro
P22 Aglio
P22 Mystic Pro
P22 Bastyan Pro
P22 Relax
P22 Chai Tea
P22 Basala
P22 Foxtrot
P22 Preissig Lino
P22 Slogan
P22 Hoy Pro
P22 Mai Pro
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