Lanston Type Company

Lanston Type Company
Lanston Type's rich history dates back to 1887 when Tolbert Lanston received his first patent for a mechanical typesetting device. Later refinements led to the Monotype casting machine and the emergence of the Lanston Monotype Company as one of the most renowned type supply companies in the world. The Monotype caster was revolutionary and along with other automated typesetting machines helped to usher in a new age of printing technology. Typesetting had, until this time, remained the same as Gutenberg's first hand-set movable type. In the late 1800s, Tolbert Lanston licensed his technology to an English sister company and became a major international force. Lanston grew rapidly with America's pre-eminent type designer, Frederic Goudy, holding the position of art director from 1920-1947.The Philadelphia-based Lanston Monotype eventually parted ways with its English counterpart. English Monotype became simply known as Monotype from that time forth. Lanston was acquired by American Type Founders in 1969. After a series of other owners, the company found its way to master printer Gerald Giampa, who moved it to Prince Edward Island in 1988. During its time of transition, Lanston continued supplying the American market for monotype hot metal type needs until January 21, 2000, when the majority of Lanston's machinery and historical records were tragically destroyed by a tidal wave. Giampa was one of the earliest developers of PostScript fonts. After the loss, he focused on digitization to an even greater extent. Under his stewardship, Lanston's classic faces were digitized in a style that was true to the sources, which are the brass and lead patterns from which the metal type was made. The past few years have seen Giampa and Lanston travel from Canada to Finland, and back again. In late 2004, Lanston has completed another journey back to the United States to come under the care of a new steward: P22 type foundry. Giampa is answering the call of the sea. He has traded his type founder's hat for that of a ship's captain to sail the northern Pacific coast. During his shore leaves, Giampa continues to act as typographic consultant to Lanston-P22.
Lanston Type Company has 39 Fonts Available for Desktop & WebFont Licensing
LTC Flash
LTC Glamour
LTC Swing Bold
LTC Bodoni 175
LTC Ornaments 1
LTC Squareface
LTC Tourist Gothic
LTC Goudy Initials
LTC Californian
LTC Goudy Text
LTC Creepy Ornaments
LTC Bodoni Bold
LTC Goudy Sans
LTC Broadway
LTC Fleurons Granjon
LTC Deepdene
LTC Artscript
LTC Figures
LTC Goudy Extras
LTC Ornaments Two
LTC Holly Leaves
LTC Circled Caps
LTC Athena
LTC Caslon
LTC Metropolitan
LTC Fleurons Rogers
LTC Camelot
LTC Vine Leaves
LTC Ornaments Three
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