Actual Objects
Actual Objects
Actual Objects provide design professionals with high-production-value, royalty-free design and illustration assets they can use in their commercial and personal projects. Objects are crafted around specific themes and packaged as collections. As designers, illustrators and animators, we are interested in creating digital artifacts that are useful to others in their day to day creative practice. Our goal is to provide assets that jump-start the creative process, and bring production value to larger projects. We want other creatives to feel free to use our objects and collections in a flexible manner, without the burden of strict or complex usage rights.We feel there is value in developing graphics around specific visual and conceptual themes that have a larger creative idea behind them. Our collections reflect our larger creative vision, as well as our practical desire to create assets other designers might find useful.
Actual Objects has 41 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
Maps   Transportation
Cult of Celebrity
Music   Camera
Summer Beach Party
Phone   Chat
Browser   Devices
Settings   Weather
Banking   Calendar
Miscellaneous Icons 01
Miscellaneous Icons 02
Flags of the World
Economic Bailout
Smartphones  Tablets    Computers
Man s Ruin
Haunted Hot Rods
People Poses
80 s Eruption
Politics As Usual
Toon Town
Credit Crunch
Coastal Sea Life and Offshore Oil Drilling
Varsity Mascots
Home Sweet Home
Social Networking
Summer and Winter Olympics
Super Happy Fun World
Snack Break
Cabinet of Curiosities
Happy Holidays
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