Type designers, Graphic designers, Web designers, Developers, we are a new generation type foundry... We believe in the power of COLLABORATIVE CREATION. That's why we offer today original and technical fonts, co-created by new talents, to give a fresh air to typography.
FONTYOU has 52 Fonts and 5 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
Theory FY
Squirrel FY
Theory FY
LeanO FY
Coco FY
Paname FY
Exquise FY
Vanille FY
Achille FY
Maryleen FY
Suzee FY
Alice FY
Rag FY
Astral FY
Beaurencourt FY
Gauthier Display FY
Kaili FY
Ella FY
Sperling FY
Pyrennees FY
Zitrone FY
Booster FY
Gauthier Next FY
Booster Next FY
Jasmine FY
Wes FY
Fixen FY
Respublika FY
Gauthier FY
Stitch FY
Brixton FY
Dorum FY
Chelly FY
Jack FY
Angus FY
Leon FY
Vidok FY
Mandinor FY
Bruum FY
Marianina Extended FY
Younion FY
Serafine FY
Ennio FY
Marianina FY
LeanO Sans FY
Naive Gothic FY
Canberra FY
Saya FY
Vicomte FY
Black Moon FY
Belleville FY
Kraaken FY
Lullaby FY
Saya SemiSans FY
Klaus FY
Minuit FY
Sergio FY
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