YWFT Michael Paul Young
YWFT Michael Paul Young
Michael Paul Young was grown in Tennessee, spread in Baltimore and settled in Asia. His project Designgraphik helped to shape online design throughout the late 90s and early 00s, and earned him a Chrysler Design Award nomination at age 23. He co-founded the design resource YouWorkForThem in 2001, and since 2009 has served as its sole manager and director. Young's innovative work has been exhibited worldwide, and recently his animation graced the 500,000 LED pixels of U2's 360° Tour. He has won the Clio and the Cannes Gold Cyber Lion, as well as many other awards, and is a sought-after speaker at the world's most renowned design festivals. He works daily as an artist, designer, photographer, director, producer and programmer. He and his wife Piyada live in Bangkok, Thailand.
YWFT Michael Paul Young has 83 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
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Immanuel 01
Emeric 01
Electronic 02
Grifter 16
Grifter 17
Guilloche Worlds
Regime 01
Flow 02
Zumwalds Migration
Word 02
Indo 01
Moire 03
Balance 01
Wallpaper 01
Flow 03
Grifter 19
Dr Snuess 01
Electronic 01
Mapping 05
Brush 26
Wallpaper 02
Wallpaper 03
Up Against the Wall
Flow Unedited
Immanuel 02
Trajectory 01
Trajectory 05
Trajectory 03
Atmosphere 04
Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo
Zumwald in Black and White
Emeric Cave
Clouds 02
Wallpaper 04
Clouds 03
Grifter Noise 01
Blue Eye
Ink Flow 03
Sa Naam
Tokyo Elevator
City Driving
Genesis  The Path
Blue Line
Ink Flow 08
Genesis  The System
Blue Eye with Light
Grifter Static 01
Trajectory 04
Genesis  The Process
DomoDomo 03
Trajectory 02
Division Lines Red
Clouds 01
Pink Rays
Emeric Crash
City Streets 03
Tokyo Elevator in Shibuya
Ink Flow 02
Concrete 04
DomoDomo 02
Emeric Corner
Ink Flow 01
Grifter Liquid
Ink Flow 06
Ink Flow 10
Division Lines
City Streets 01
Ink Flow 05
Emeric Upright
City Streets 05
City Streets 04
Ink Flow 09
Grifter Oils
City Streets 02
Ink Flow 04
Concrete 05
Immanual Brown
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