Madsound Collection: Bloop!

This collection is made up of 100 disparate short sound effects. These are classic bloops, swooshes, beeps and clicks.
Madsound Collection  Bloop
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This collection contains 100 Audio files. The "Bloop" collection provides you with one hundred sound effects that were created using a variety of methods, utilizing classic Foley performance, analog instruments, digital techniques, outboard and software synthesizers of many different types. Stereo and monaural sounds are mixed throughout, as are longer pings, and a wide variety of transients, powerups, clicks, clacks, blargs, whooshes, bleeps, bloops and crashes. These could be used as game weapons and effects, UI sound effects or good old-fashioned audio post.
This product is saved in WAV file format by default but might contain additional formats. We suggest using software such as Pro Tools to open this file or use the specific applications that might be listed above in the product description.
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