Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, why do I have to wait for my download?

For the security of our designers and products we require a short wait on some first-time customers. We realize this might be atypical, but YWFT prides itself on protecting our community, and that means doing everything we can to prevent fraud.

Okay, well how long do I have to wait for my download then?

Typically, only a few minutes/hours. However, during high-volume days, weekends and holidays it could require 24-48 hours to process. This is a one-time only process. Once you are approved, all future orders will be ready INSTANTLY with no wait. We understand you want your files immediately. We are right there with you. But due to the online fraud that plagues us all like digital locusts, it's gotta be this way. So please, bear with us, and rest assured that the moment your account/download is approved, we will email and let you know. If you have not received an account approval email within 24 hours of your order, please login to your account to see if the download has been activated in your order history.

Hey! Why is my credit card being declined?

99.9% of the time, your bank is declining the charge and only they can solve this issue. We strongly recommend you contact your bank and ask them why the charge was declined. It could be you entered incorrect information, or they have incorrect information, or they think the charge is not normal card activity. ("Fonts? Is that like a fountain?") Please note--we are not declining your charge! We want your business!

Whoa, why are there multiple charges on my account?

If you submitted your charge multiple times, it will show multiple charges. This does NOT mean you've been charged multiple times. This is just activity from the attempts. Those activity notices go away in 3-5 business days, depending on your Bank.

I placed a lot of orders and now I'm being declined. What gives?

If you try to process numerous orders within a short period of time, our system will automatically start to decline the charges for security reasons (submitting 10 order attempts in 10 minutes for example). During this time, we ask that you contact your bank to confirm the activity, then return in 1-2 hours and try your order again.

Okay, so I bought some fonts. How do I install them?

This can vary between Windows and Macintosh users, so we suggest you check with each company's personal instructions. We do not support third-party font management applications. More details for your situation can be found at either Apple or Microsoft.

Oops, I lost all my files in a crash!

Well, we'd harp at you about proper backups, but you just had a crash, so we'll be nice. Here's the deal: once you purchase something from YouWorkForThem, it's yours forever. Just login and you can download past purchases anytime you wish, via your account order history. Please note, however, that due to our store upgrades in 2010, items purchased prior to that year might not be at the same location. If you have problems re-downloading your past purchases, please contact us us and we'll try and sort you out.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Downloadable fonts and stock art are not returnable or refundable, for obvious reasons. If your purchase is proven defective and you notify us within 10 days of your purchase, we will either provide a replacement/update to that item or refund your money.

I am using Internet Explorer and your site looks strange.

Strange? Oh, I'll tell you what's strange. The fact that you are using Internet Explorer. Seriously, you need to download and install a new web browser that is actually secure and works with current web standards. Try Firefox, Chrome or Safari. They are much better, safer alternatives. You will thank us. Really. After a few days you'll be like Jodie Foster in "Contact", all "...they should have...sent...a poet."
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