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Diversa is a typeface that takes?a very different path from?the most fonts,?both in terms of appearance and usability.
Diversa Diversa Diversa
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Diversa is a typeface that takes a very different path from the most fonts, both in terms of appearance and usability. Diversa is a single typeface with 9 fonts within, containing 2760 glyphs, divide in 9 stylistic sets, but the main difference is that all the glyphs are kerned with each other, which means you can swap glyphs between stylistic sets and keep them properly kerned - unbracketed serifs, bracketed serifs, engraved, stencil, sans, slab, baroque, stencil sans, stencil slab and a stylistic set that mixes them all in a rotative feature. Diversa: Because uniformity sucks!

Designed by Dino dos Santos and Pedro Leal, 2013
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