Breaking The Norm's WebFont License


YouWorkForThem WebFonts are available for a one-time fee. There are no subscriptions, no re-occurring fees, no tracking and no stalking -- just pay once and that's it. However, if your traffic goes up, you must upgrade your license to the correct page view amount. (You only need to pay the difference.) Traffic should be based on a six-month average of stats, or a six-month estimate if six months are not yet available.

YouWorkForThem WebFonts are made available in the following file formats: EOT, WOFF, SVG, Web Only TTF

The WebFonts licenses are available at the following pricing tiers:
In order to complete your purchase, you must agree to the following rules of usage. Remember that when you purchase a font you are only purchasing a license to use that font for your personal or business use. You DO NOT own the font. (Title to, copyright to and full ownership of YouWorkForThem WebFonts are that of the font creator(s). The creator(s) are always listed on the product page for that font.) By downloading, purchasing, or installing YouWorkForThem WebFonts, you signify your acceptance of this license agreement, and in return for a license to use YouWorkForThem WebFonts, you wholly agree to the following terms and conditions:

Font Diner Standard EULA Addendum for Web Use

This Addendum (Webfont EULA) governs Webfont licenses purchased from YouWorkForThem, hereafter referred to as Licensed Webfont(s). Where there is a conflict with the Foundry’s EULA, the Foundry’s EULA shall control. If you are confused as to the rights granted or the uses prohibited under the Web Font EULA, please contact the Foundry.

Using the Licensed Webfont(s) on the web, for styling HTML web pages, is permitted using the @font-face selector in CSS ?les, subject to the following restrictions. Should any additional or uses not permitted under this license be desired, contact the Foundry to request the appropriate license upgrade.

1. You may not link to, nor put online, any TrueType, OpenType or other version of the Font Software or Licensed Webfont(s) you have licensed.

2. The comments, showing copyright and other legal or ownership information in the sample HTML/CSS/Javascript files, must be retained in your working web site code.

3. The Licensed Webfont(s) may be used on any web site owned/controlled by the licensee (subject to paragraph 4 below). The total traffic, measured in page views, of web sites on which the Licensed Webfont is used must be no greater than the number of page views per month specified in the receipt you received for the Licensed Webfont.

4. Agencies or others responsible for multiple clients’ web sites, for example only, web design agencies or hosting providers, may not use and/or share a single Webfont or other Font Software license to benefit multiple clients. Each beneficial user of Webfont Software must purchase their own license.

5. The Licensed Webfont(s) may not be used in any interactive web applications where, by way of example only, not limitation and subject to the relevant terms and conditions in the applicable Foundry EULA:
a) users can select and/or use any Licensed Webfont for a text composition or editing use;
b) Where the Licensed Webfont(s) are used within an interactive web or game application, a fee based application, an e-book, PDF document distributed freely or for a fee, or an application that is distributed without charge which is used to promote a business’s activity, services or products.

6. You may not use conversion or editing tools to amend, modify or others change or alter the Licensed Webfont(s).

7. Use of the Licensed Webfont(s) with web font technologies other than @font-face, such as, by way of example, not limitation, slFR, Cufón or Typeface.js, is not allowed.

8. The Licensed Webfont(s) may not be sold, re-sold sub-licensed or otherwise made available, irrespective of the technology or methods used, to any 3rd party or by any Webfont provision service irrespective of whether for payment, in trade or without charge.
Visit the Font License page for our complete listing of available licenses.