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Embedding Fonts in iOS Apps

Adding YouWorkForThem fonts to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps is easy.
Follow these three simple steps:
You need to add the font to your xcode project, perhaps in your directory structure in Main/Resources/Fonts or wherever you choose.

In the target properties, click on the "Info" tab and expand "Custom iOS Target Properties." You will need to manually add a property called "Fonts provided by application." It should be added as an array and there should be one item listed under it labeled "item 0." Then add the name of your custom font as the value for "item 0."

Finally, set your font and font size in your code, like so:
[ customFontLabel setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:@"Futura" size:24 ] ];
Notice, this code may change or vary depending on updates to the iOS platform. We suggest searching Google for the latest code that may be in use.
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Mobile Apps

Designing a game-changing mobile game? Releasing a groundbreaking iPad app? YouWorkForThem has you covered. Great words are better when set with great fonts, and beautifully-designed fonts look truly beautiful on today's higher-resolution mobile devices. Our Mobile App Licenses are currently available for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS & Symbian operating systems.


Whether you choose the cleanest sans-serif, the most elegant, readable serif or the most decorative display font, YouWorkForThem fonts bring clarity and beauty to your iBook design. Perhaps they'll even help change how children learn. Bring the diversity and elegance of print to mobile with an ePub Extended Font License from YouWorkForThem, available for the Kindle AZW, iBooks, PDF, ePub & eBooks formats.

Diversity and Elegance

We currently offer Mobile App and eBook Extended Licenses for 23,317 fonts from 206 different Type Foundries -- that's the most diverse collection of font designs for Mobile App embedding in the world. There has never been this many affordable options available for designing Mobile Apps or eBooks.

One-Click Purchasing

Before you proceed to checkout, just select the Extended Font License for either Mobile App or eBook in the License drop-down in your YouWorkForThem shopping cart. Easy, affordable Extended Font Licenses, available with one click for a one-time subscriptions, no stalking. How it should be.

Pricing Structure

The Mobile App and eBook Licenses allow you to embed one OpenType / TrueType font for a one-time fee of 10x the font price. For example, a $20 font with one Mobile App license would cost $220, while a $100 font with one Mobile App License would cost $1100.
Start shopping today from the selected Type Foundries listed below, who offer thousands of fonts for Mobile Font Licensing.
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