Madsound Collection: Melody
These 10 audio loops are all about rhythm and musicality, representing a variety of styles and techniques.
Madsound Collection  Melody
Posted by YouWorkForThem
Designed by Madsound
This collection contains 10 Audio files. The "Melody" collection is comprised of ten pieces of music that loop perfectly, chosen based on the variety of different styles and production techniques that they bring to bear. For example, "80s Television Chase" was recorded on a vintage 4-track cassette using a Yamaha DX-9 synthesizer and Roland TR-505 drum machine while "Blues Rock Backbeat" is a live rock band performance, while "Lonely Verb Guitar" pretty much explains itself. Whether you need a musical score for a trailer or background for your next mobile game level, "Melody" has what you need.
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Retro Audio
Concept Sans
Ding Ding
Caslon Antique
On the Radio
Ambient Noise
Monolith Sans
Monolith Roman
Madsound Collection  Moon
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