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  • Until now, the system would only treat combinations of words, spaces and hyphens specifically. For example, 'sans serif font' will not return 'sans' or 'sans-serif' but only items that have 'sans serif font' typed exactly.
  • Now, adding a plus sign will return multiple single keywords, while adding a comma will match either keyword. For instance, 'sans+geometric' will look for items containing both of those words individually--a smaller, more focused result--while 'sans,geometric' will return all items that contain either of those keywords--a much larger result.
  • Save money! To find out what's currently on sale, simply type, 'sale+' the item. For instance, 'sale+serif' will find all serif items that are on sale.
  • See what's popular! Use the 'View Popular Keywords' feature in the toolbar to find a quick list of popular items (based on keyword counts).
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Hearts   Swirls Too
Holiday Doodles
Paisley   Swirl Doodles
Tall Skinny Condensed
Dearest John
P22 Cigno
P22 Allyson Pro
P22 Cilati Pro
P22 Durer Caps
P22 Late November
P22 Zaner
Bradstone Parker Script
Taniyah Gagarin
YWFT Fraktur
Dans Le Jardin
Naive Ornaments
Caturrita Extra
Moreske 2D
Refreshment Stand
Filmotype Yukon Family
Filmotype Zanzibar
Ocalla Hand
Carrotflower Invitation Icons
Nelly Script
Nelly Script Flourish
Deca Serif
Henman Pictograms
P22 FLLW Terracotta Extras
P22 Franklin Caslon Ornaments
P22 Morris Ornaments
Filmotype Yale
Rochester Pro
YWFT Symplify
YWFT Darts
RMU Initials
Adriane Lux
Savour Pro
In And Out
Bookeyed Martin
Search Invite
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