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  • Until now, the system would only treat combinations of words, spaces and hyphens specifically. For example, 'sans serif font' will not return 'sans' or 'sans-serif' but only items that have 'sans serif font' typed exactly.
  • Now, adding a plus sign will return multiple single keywords, while adding a comma will match either keyword. For instance, 'sans+geometric' will look for items containing both of those words individually--a smaller, more focused result--while 'sans,geometric' will return all items that contain either of those keywords--a much larger result.
  • Save money! To find out what's currently on sale, simply type, 'sale+' the item. For instance, 'sale+serif' will find all serif items that are on sale.
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Trisec Conservateur
Naname Kun
Dipole Attraction
Plane Isometries
Plane Isometries 2
Trigonometric Functions
Rough Fleurons Two
Drawn Pebble
3D Spirangles
Gosper Curve
Wonder Wall
YWFT Array
Hexagons Intersection
Wireframe Waves 02
Wireframe Waves 03
Wireframe Waves 04
Wireframe Waves
Wireframe Waves 05
Polytype Sports I
Polytype Sports II
Polytype Sports III
Polytype Sports V
Polytype Sports VI
Symplify 02
Modern Icons
Errorism Two
Symplify 03
Wireframe Waves 06
Wireframe Waves 07
Wireframe Waves 08
Wireframe Waves 09
Wireframe Waves 10
Wire Waves 01
Wire Waves 02
YWFT Baltic
Hazelnut Pro
Geometric Pattern
Day Glo Patterns
Trigonometric functions 2
YWFT Swell
Angus FY
Stitch FY
Pixel Power
Theory FY
Pyrennees FY
La Chic
Photocopy Miss Prints
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