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  • Until now, the system would only treat combinations of words, spaces and hyphens specifically. For example, 'sans serif font' will not return 'sans' or 'sans-serif' but only items that have 'sans serif font' typed exactly.
  • Now, adding a plus sign will return multiple single keywords, while adding a comma will match either keyword. For instance, 'sans+geometric' will look for items containing both of those words individually--a smaller, more focused result--while 'sans,geometric' will return all items that contain either of those keywords--a much larger result.
  • Save money! To find out what's currently on sale, simply type, 'sale+' the item. For instance, 'sale+serif' will find all serif items that are on sale.
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World Builder
IsoForms 2
Splice 2
City Driving
Tokyo Elevator
Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo
Tokyo Elevator in Shibuya
Flow Unedited
Blue Line
Ink Flow 01
Ink Flow 02
Ink Flow 03
Ink Flow 04
Ink Flow 05
Trajectory 01
Trajectory 02
Trajectory 03
Trajectory 04
Trajectory 05
Ink Flow 06
Ink Flow 07
Ink Flow 08
Ink Flow 09
Ink Flow 10
Genesis  The System
Genesis  The Path
Genesis  The Process
City Streets 01
City Streets 02
City Streets 03
City Streets 04
City Streets 05
Gropius Display
Slab Serif Collection 01
Logoshop 03
Cubist 2
Brush 26
Linework 02
Gradients 01
Dr Snuess 01
Word 02
Grifter 16
Brush 07
Wallpaper 05
Metal Face
Carpal Tunnel 08
DropBit Round
Escapism 15
Rawk 02
Brush 29
Discarded 04
Gradients 02
Nature 04
Cadel Flourishes
Pattern 17
Shapes 01
Moire 03
Escapism 30
Electronic 01
Electronic 02
Emeric 01
Indo 01
Immanuel 01
Wallpaper 01
Wallpaper 02
Wallpaper 03
Wallpaper 04
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