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  • Until now, the system would only treat combinations of words, spaces and hyphens specifically. For example, 'sans serif font' will not return 'sans' or 'sans-serif' but only items that have 'sans serif font' typed exactly.
  • Now, adding a plus sign will return multiple single keywords, while adding a comma will match either keyword. For instance, 'sans+geometric' will look for items containing both of those words individually--a smaller, more focused result--while 'sans,geometric' will return all items that contain either of those keywords--a much larger result.
  • Save money! To find out what's currently on sale, simply type, 'sale+' the item. For instance, 'sale+serif' will find all serif items that are on sale.
  • See what's popular! Use the 'View Popular Keywords' feature in the toolbar to find a quick list of popular items (based on keyword counts).
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Proxima Nova
Project Fairfax
Profonts Bureau
Proxima Nova Soft
Proba Pro
Delicious Pro
PF Beau Sans Pro
Vailsnick Italic
Estilo Pro
Candlescript Pro
PAG Theater
Rama Gothic
PF DIN Text Pro
Soin Sans Pro
YWFT Processing
Filson Pro
PAG Bankas
PAG Sottoterra
PAG Brigade
PAG Club
PAG Demokratie
PAG Etiketa
PAG Syndicate
PAG Industria
PAG Tekov
PAG Julio
PAG Karogs
PAG Liberta
PAG Libre
PAG Marina
PAG Ministero
PAG Norm
PAG Novembris
PAG October
PAG Revolucion
PAG Smoke
PAG Transformacio
PAG Trust
PAG Bravos
PAG Collection
Wagner Grotesk Pro
CS Fuzzy Logic
Dominante Pro
Card Pro
Typiqal Mono
Revolution Gothic
Revolution Gothic P
P22 Nudgewink Pro
P22 Platten Neu
Vale Pro
P22 Mai Pro
P22 Late November Pro
Velino Sans
Encorpada Pro
PF Centro Sans Pro
PF Centro Slab Pro
PF DIN Display Pro
PF Centro Serif Pro
PF DIN Text Condensed Pro
PF DIN Text Arabic
PF DIN Text Compressed Pro
PF Handbook Pro
PF Adamant Pro
Bell Gothic
Deca Serif
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