Download 13 Rorschach Stock Images - 1

Not that long ago, graphic designer Max Little sent us a great set of stock images inspired by the Rorschach test. As you may already know, the The Rorschach test (Rorschach inkblot test), is a psychological test in which images of inkblots are shown to the patient and the results recorded for psychological reasons. For example, a viewer might be shown the inkblot images and imagine penguins riding unicorns while eating turnips, or something of that sort. The idea is to study and document the psychological state of the patient, but these images also make for amazing graphic design imagery!

Max posted this stock image set with us last year by the title of Ink Blot Tests – Rorschach. You can download his amazing set of 13 images for only $10 USD, with all images provided in high res JPEG format.

Download Rorschach Stock Images

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