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In the mix of new designs from LatinoType, they also sent us a fresh new sans-serif, Modernica. Modernica is an excellent tool that provides a large range of possibilities in design work. It is a sans serif font that contains eight weights plus matching italics. All Modernica typefaces include a set of small caps, ligatures, contextual alternates, modern and old style figures, superscript and subscript, numerators and denominators, among other OpenType features.

Modernica is the extension of the Mazurquica family, a condensed grotesque font created to be used in titles looking for impact. Based on the Mazurquica structure, it was designed as a new font for both headlines and continuous text. Modernica seeks to go beyond the grotesque style, a style that perhaps looks coarse on occasions, maybe for its excessive geometric feel and instigate a more fluid and friendly structure while remaining solid in its use.

Bonus: Modernica is currently 80% off until September 30, 2014. That means you can download styles of Modernica starting as low as $5.80 USD…(such a steal).

Download Modernica Font

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Modernica font was designed by Javier Quintana, published by LatinoType in 2014.

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