Introducing FontPath, the new way to find fonts. - 1

We here at YouWorkForThem have always prided ourselves on curating the freshest font and design trends, and in bringing our customers the best deals. With that principle in mind, we set out to build a new way of quickly sorting fonts.

We know many of you want to get in and out of our store just like you would a traditional brick and mortar. You already know what you want, your budget, and you just need it now.

FontPath is just that.

It’s 100% webfont-based (no graphics), fast, customizable, and easy to use. You can sort by category, and customize the text. See what your own custom phrase looks like across multiple serif fonts at once, then change to see it using the most popular sans-serifs. See it in all caps, all lowercase, sentence case, scaled up, down, with tight or wide letter spacing…all in real time, across many fonts at once. As well, you can star (like) items to save and compare at anytime.

This is still a public beta, and we welcome your feedback. There will be more features coming in future versions. But we think that this is the first time such a tool has ever been offered on such a large scale (over 35,000 fonts), with such easy, customizable licensing. And as always here at YouWorkForThem: pay once, play forever. No tracking, no stalking and no subscriptions. Quick and easy.

Once you’re on the Path, please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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