Timelapse videos are powerful, inspiring and painstakingly difficult to create. For any film editor, web designer, professional youtuber or movie maker, The Shift Timelapse Video Collection is a must have series of beautiful, Hi-res timelapse footage ranging from cityscapes to mountain sides. Regardless of what project you’re working on, The Shift Timelapse Video Collection adds a sense of wonder and awe that can’t be duplicated.

Created over a six month period this incredible video collection takes viewers across 4 countries (Italy, Norway, Russia and Georgia) and through time. Equal parts hypnotizing and hauntingly beautiful, this video collection captures the spirit of the locations and compresses the experiences of sunrises over mountains, sunsets over valleys and busy days in the city into a few poignant moments.

The Shift Timelapse Video Collection contains 17 video files comprised of 12 landscapes and 5 cityscapes that feature a unique scene and perspective in each one. The collection feels completely cohesive and watching each scene play into the next feels natural and fluid.

Some of the scenes featured are an opera house, a condo building, a university campus, a mountain overlooking a river, a fjord, fog rolling over mountains and trees and other natural and man made wonders.

Shot in 3K, this is one of the highest quality, diverse and complete timelapse video collections available anywhere. We’re so proud to offer it to our users and want to thank the creator “Madebyvadim” for taking the time to capture these incredible scenes and for sharing them with the world.

If you have questions about this video collection or any other stock footage we offer, feel free to contact us.