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At YouWorkForThem, we think the dominant subscription-based model of WebFonts is nothing short of highway robbery. The Fontopoly charges a monthly fee for the use of the WebFonts they resell–all while refusing to give their customers access to the font files themselves! Instead, they host the files on their own servers, which you must reference in your code. This keeps you dependent on this “font-as-a-service,” even when subscription rates rise or their bandwidth is overtaxed. If a monthly payment is missed, or a subscription is cancelled, the fonts are no longer served to your users, breaking your web pages and ruining your customers’ experience. In addition, these companies (and the free WebFont services) are known to include javascript code which “calls home,” stalking and tracking your customers and degrading the little privacy they have left on the Internet.

It is clear why subscription-based models are popular with font providers. Since cancelling a subscription will demand a rework of any number of websites, it becomes costly to change to a different font provider. Thus these companies trap customers in a “walled garden,” forcing them to use only their fonts even when their competitors are offering better products. Over time the subscription costs add up, but customers can do little but pay their “rent.”

We think differently.


YouWorkForThem offers its WebFont licenses in perpetuity, for a one-time fee, because we think that choice matters and that subscriptions are anti-competitive. We rely on the quality of our products to attract new customers, rather than using exploitative pricing models to lock in customers who need to retain the choice to do what they want. With a YouWorkForThem WebFonts license, you get access to 36,217 WebFonts from 327 foundries, including thousands of multilingual WebFonts, and new fonts are added all the time. With a YouWorkForThem WebFonts license we give you the files–woff2, woff, tff, eot, svg, css, and even an example specimen file–to host on your server. No matter what happens, you get to keep using the fonts you paid for, for as long as you like, how you like. And both you and your customers gain a little peace of mind knowing that there is no embedded javascript stalking you both from within your own work.

With YouWorkForThem WebFonts you have complete control.

It’s as simple as that.


Though the price of our licenses is more than a single month of a subscription, it takes only a few months for you to begin saving money. We price our licenses by the number of monthly page-views your site gets, with incremental steps from 50,000 to 10 million page views, and even an unlimited option. Best of all, our licenses are upgradable: as your website viewership grows, you only need to pay the difference between licenses. The fact that we are a flexible, economical option is why so many brand names use our WebFonts: from T-Mobile to Valve Software to Whole Foods.

Best of all, if a font is upgraded or added to, we send you an email and you simply download the updated version  . If an artist re-draws letters or we find a way to compress a them by an additional 10k, you get that for free. With unparalleled selection, an upgradable pricing structure, more fonts being added each month, complete control all on offer for a single payment, one has to wonder why anyone uses subscription-based webfont providers anymore. It’s an outdated business model that costs you more and gives you less.

We are changing the webfont business one licensee at a time. Contact us to learn more about one of the largest selections of webfonts online, on offer for a one-time fee.

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