Apply Three Dimensional Lettering With Cursive Neon Type - 1

Standing beside their motto, “Valued creative content,” Design Assets (formerly known as Dashwood) is a company that does exactly what its name implies, providing valuable assets that make workflow easier for graphic designers around the world.

One of their most recent releases is Cursive Neon Type, the cursive variation of their highly successful series of neon type Photoshop template files.

Cursive Neon Type makes it a simple task to generate realistic neon sign effects for a variety of design projects. Cursive Neon Type is not a vector file or font, but a Photoshop template file that contains letters, numbers, and some punctuation. Layered shadows and letters allow for complete customization of every character, with separate, moveable letters.

Cursive Neon Type was designed in 3D before being converted to layered graphics, resulting in lettering that truly looks three dimensional in its application. Characters can be toggled on or off like a real neon sign, with the ability to create writing with intentionally “burned out” bulbs. Color and its intensity can be easily tweaked through adjustment layers.

While Cursive Neon Type demands at least a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Design Assets created an educational demo video that explains the process of its use.

Design Assets currently offers 15 products through YouWorkForThem and if you’re looking for brilliant ways to streamline your workflow, you should check out the rest of their portfolio and watch for new additions as they arrive.

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