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Continuing our new blog series, we’re focusing on the personal favorites of designers, studios, and foundries. Fontfabric is an independent type foundry established by Svetoslav Simov in Sofia, Bulgaria. Created in 2008, Fontfabric releases type designs with versatility and quality in mind. We recently talked with Svet to learn more about his foundry’s favorite products from their own portfolio on YouWorkForThem.

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“Nexa Rust was our first released mega pack which contains rough, grunge fonts,” he said, noting that most of them are based on bestsellers like Nexa, Nexa Slab, and additional scripts. “What we and the majority of type designers love is how the font family performs in complex graphic design tasks, package designs with a modern-vintage look, and more.” Nexa Rust is truly a massive font system comprised of 83 fonts that include Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras with various dingbats and catchwords. Nexa Rust is beautifully distressed, creating an authentic, antique appeal in any design project that needs a genuinely-aged appearance.

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Muller is another one of Fontfabric’s favorites, a feeling mutually shared by graphic, motion, and web designers around the world. In fact, Muller is one of YouWorkForThem’s favorites, as well. “It fills the gap between the classic humanistic fonts like Verdana, Universe, Helvetica and the modern geometric sans serif fonts,” Svet explained. Muller is a contemporary sans serif with impeccable legibility and a wide range of weights, making it a great choice for branding and identity applications where design cohesion is key. It’s also well suited to corporate communications, headlines, editorials, e-publishing, advertising, and product packaging.

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Uni Neue is particularly sentimental to Svet and the Fontfabric team. “The font family is a completely redesigned version (remake) of Uni Sans – one of the most recognizable and signature fonts in the history of Fontfabric type foundry,” Svet told us. “Uni Neue is ? modern sans serif with a distinctive character and geometric feel. The rounded corners give the typeface a friendly look, yet it retains a professional quality suitable for branding even the most serious corporate identities.” Uni Neue is available in seven weights that range from Thin to Black with corresponding italics for each.

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Fontfabric is also partial to Intro, a contemporary sans serif family of 26 fonts. “The family has some unique feel flavored with distinctive geometric and humanistic touches at the same time,” Svet explained. “Because of its strong character, Intro is one of the most recognizable fonts of the modern era digital design scene.” Intro offers incredibly clear legibility, even in very small point, making it an excellent choice for branding and identity applications because it can be used in bold displays, as body text in web content, mobile applications, and business cards. It’s well suited for advertising, publishing, product packaging, and any design project that needs a modern aesthetic with a touch of subtle elegance.

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Intro also has it’s own rough version called Intro Rust, a personal favorite of YouWorkForThem. Intro Rust is another mega family — the words “ginormous” and “astronomical” come to mind — with 214 fonts within sub-families that include Intro Rust, Intro Script, Intro Head, and Intro Goodies. A varied mixture of distressing, crosshatching, shadow effects, and halftones give Intro Rust a lot of vintage texture and with so many options at your fingertips, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a project that this font family can’t serve.

In addition to Muller and Intro Rust, YouWorkForThem’s own favorites from Fontfabric’s portfolio include Glober and Panton.

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Glober is inspired by Grotesk typefaces, with a contemporary spin that makes it ideal for modern graphic design. Clean geometric architecture grants crystal clear legibility, while its smooth terminals create a softness that elicits a tangible sense of warmth and approachability. Glober is suited for headlines, editorials, corporate communications, presentations, web copy, publishing, advertising, logos, mobile applications, identity, and branding.

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Panton is a gorgeous sans serif that’s got a real soft side, particularly in its heavier weights. With a range of nine weights, Panton can emerge as sleek and whisper thin, or as thick and substantial as molasses. Legibility is never an issue, even in very small point, making Panton a stylish choice for branding, identity, web content, mobile apps, business cards, product packaging and labels, headlines, editorials, and corporate communications. 16 contemporary icon sets accompany this font family, making it a breeze to incorporate useful illustrations in infographics, web sites, presentations, or web applications.

Fontfabric currently offers 38 products through their portfolio on YouWorkForThem, with a wide range of styles that makes us look forward to their future releases.

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