Lindsey Charles is a graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer who’s relatively new to YouWorkForThem and we’re excited to feature her latest addition, Trattoria Font Collection. Inspired by vintage Italian signage, Trattoria Font Collection includes a high-contrast sans serif, an elegant stencil, and a modular serif to suit a variety of design projects.

Caprino Regular is a sophisticated, all-caps stencil design whose elegant architecture makes it a beautiful choice for wine labels and product packaging, logos, invitations, signage, window displays, and advertising. Unlike typical stencil fonts that carry themselves with a heavy, almost overbearing posture, Caprino Regular’s silhouette is slim and graceful in comparison, a charming and refined take on a stencil design.

Pecorino Regular is the modular serif of the collection, with a decidedly thick, European flair to its structure. This all-caps font takes a bold approach to its messages, making it a great choice for large displays, signage, and advertising that demands immediate attention from the viewer.

Mascarpone Regular is a stylish sans serif with upper and lowercase lettering, accompanied by a set of obliques. Out of the entire Trattoria Font Collection, Mascarpone offers the highest legibility in small point, making it a particularly good option for menus, programs, business cards, and product packaging details.

The fonts within the Trattoria Font Collection stand well on their own yet they complement one another harmoniously, making this a beautifully complete “tour” of Italy.

Lindsey Charles currently offers three products through her portfolio on YouWorkForThem but we’re excited to watch for her future work!