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Founded by Dustin Lee in 2012, RetroSupply Co. has firmly established itself as an essential resource when it comes to midcentury-themed design projects. With a love for 1950s aesthetics and texture, Dustin has done the legwork for other graphic designers by developing realistic textures, fonts, brushes, print effects, and layer styles, crafted from real materials for the greatest authenticity possible.

The tools offered by RetroSupply Co. provide designers with a simpler way to create graphic projects with design elements from a simpler time. Vintage classics are timeless in their own way; they fill the viewer with a sense of warmth and nostalgia and that’s something that never goes out of style – in fact, it seems to be in demand now more than ever.

Firebox Evokes The Charm And Nostalgia Of 1950s Tinplate Toys - 2

One of RetroSupply Co.’s latest releases is Firebox, a slab serif made from pure happiness. Designed by Scott Fuller, Firebox celebrates the era of tinplated toys, lightweight vehicles and figures crafted from thin sheets of steel that were plated with durable tin. Little boys who grew up in the 1950s had shelves and shelves of these toys, all brightly painted for added detail and excitement.

Firebox is a sentimental exploration of vintage wood type from that bygone generation, standing with a substantial and boxy architecture that’s warm, friendly, and charming with a subtle western twang. It’s perfectly suited to signage and eye-catching displays, product packaging, posters, titles, book covers, and any design product that needs to make a bold, vintage statement.

Featuring standard ligatures and fractions, Firebox extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages.

Firebox Evokes The Charm And Nostalgia Of 1950s Tinplate Toys - 3

RetroSupply Co. are masters of midcentury texture and design, so if you love that era as much as we do, visit their portfolio to view the rest of their work on YouWorkForThem.

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