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When Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Diaz, and Martin Sommaruga made the decision to quit their graphic design jobs to establish a type foundry, they leapt into the new endeavor with both feet (and perhaps a little trepidation). It was certainly a bold move, but it seems the best decisions usually are — you just never know what greatness you’re capable of until you try.

The trio founded TipoType together, building the Uruguay-based digital type foundry from the ground up and equally sharing all of the responsibilities for running a business. More than seven years later, TipoType is still going strong, and that’s due in large part to the unwavering dedication of the men running the show.

The smartest people in the world will agree that education is a constant necessity that must be met; regardless of your career path or interests, there is always something new to learn. That principle drives Vicente, Fernando, and Martin. “We believe in this company and we want to continue improving our knowledge about typography,” Vicente said. “For instance, we design fonts, we teach in the university, we participate and attend conferences and workshops.”

With solid backgrounds in graphic design, the typographers involved with TipoType have a comprehensive understanding of exactly what other graphic designers need from the fonts they use. A well-designed font is the raw material from which other designers will craft new and unique visual works; TipoType prides itself on providing fonts that are aesthetically pleasing and vastly functional, offering only the best material to work from.

One of their latest releases is Brother 1816, a strong and elegant sans serif designed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the very first sans serif printing type, which was produced by William Caslon IV in England around the year 1816.

Blending geometric architecture with humanist strokes, Brother 1816 is a contemporary sans serif that’s been expertly designed to maintain a high degree of legibility in smaller point. Offering two letter styles, Normal and Printed, this family of 32 fonts provides designers with a lot of flexibility in their work.

The Normal style is smooth and sophisticated, a modern letter set that’s ideal for displays, signage, headlines, editorials, publishing, corporate communications, logos, branding, product packaging, book design, web content, and mobile applications. Brother 1816’s Printed style brings back the softly weathered edging of “Ye Olde Print Press,” adding a touch of the rich history of typography to every design project.

Brother 1816 offers fractions, slashed zero, swash, contextual alternates, titling alternates, and stylistic alternates for extensive design flexibility. Its multilingual support includes Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Dutch for global accessibility.

Right now, Brother 1816 is on sale for 60% off of its regular price through October 5, 2017, a great opportunity to add this one to your collection at a fraction of the cost.

Celebrating Two Centuries Of Sans Serif Typefaces: Brother 1816 - 2

TipoType currently offers 36 products through YouWorkForThem. Don’t miss out on their portfolio if you’d like to see the rest of their work and bookmark it to watch for future additions.

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