A Dulcet Handwritten Script From Peter Langpeter And URW: LP Harmonia - 1

Peter Langpeter is a German cartographer, calligrapher, illustrator, logo designer, and typographer who runs his own studio, LP Design. After receiving his education as a cartographer, where he focused on drawing fonts, he spent years working on maps and nautical charts. As the map industry made its transition to digital, Peter shifted to graphic design.

His work caught the eye of Peter Schmidt, who asked Langpeter to relocate to Hamburg. During the five years he spent there, he crafted notable logos and type designs. These days, Peter Langpeter works freelance as a type designer, calligrapher, illustrator, and graphic designer. Typography holds a special place in his heart, and he remains focused on creating fonts that suit the needs of contemporary graphic designers around the world.

One of his most recent releases through URW++ is LP Harmonia, an elegant and natural script with a timeless, classic demeanor. LP Harmonia was actually inspired by Peter’s own life, as he is often asked to design invitations or to write a warm sentiment on a greeting card. As a calligrapher, his handwriting is beautiful; LP Harmonia was born from Peter’s own handwriting with ink and a soft nib.

LP Harmonia is sophisticated and graceful, with a tastefully vintage, feminine manner. It’s beautiful without being over-embellished, yet it’s anything but casual. Nimble curls and a confident slant add warmth and confidence to every message. It’s a wonderful addition to invitations, event programs and signage, greeting cards, stationery, and any project that needs a natural, classic handwritten script.

A Dulcet Handwritten Script From Peter Langpeter And URW: LP Harmonia - 2

LP Harmonia extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for global accessibility.

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