A Timeless Bitmap Font Family: YWFT Processing - 1

For as far as our computer technology has come over recent decades, there’s something inherently familiar and comfortable about bitmap graphics, no matter how old you are. For those of us who were kids back in the 80s, playing (and dying of dysentery) on the Oregon Trail as we sat in front of school computers, bitmap lettering and graphics are like revisiting some of the best parts of our childhood. For those younger whippersnappers who grew up with Xbox and Playstation, old school bitmaps are totally retro and way cool.

(Kids still say “way cool,” right? Totally.)

YWFT Processing is our own rendition of classic bitmap letter forms. Designed back in 2001 for Casey Reas, who co-created the Processing programming language along with Ben Fry, YWFT Processing is a timeless rendering of bitmap lettering. Derived from an existing logo, we fleshed the idea out further to create a fully functioning font family comprised of six weights that range from Light to Bold.

YWFT Processing is sharp, tall, unique, and interesting – just like the man behind the Processing programming language. It’s well suited to mobile apps and games, programming applications, presentations, apparel and merchandise with a data or video game theme, book covers, web copy, and body text.

Right now through November 30, 2017, YWFT Processing is on sale for 50% off of its regular price so it’s a great time to add this one to your font library!

A Timeless Bitmap Font Family: YWFT Processing - 2

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