Established in 1991 and based in California, the San Jose Sharks are a kick-ass professional hockey team. Like the namesake predator who lives below the water’s surface, the Sharks are menacing atop the ice, with an intimidating attitude that begins the moment they set foot in the rink.

Before the Sharks make their grand entrance at the start of each game, a massive shark’s mouth is lowered onto the ice from the rafters above, complete with red glowing eyes and a sinister fog. The Sharks pour out, strong and formidable and ready to take on the opposition. Even their fans get into the action from the stands, using their arms to mimic a chomping jaw whenever the Sharks go on a power play.

As a tough hockey team, they’re incredibly exciting to watch, and YouWorkForThem was equally excited to work with the San Jose Sharks when they chose to license Sucrose for static print, digital, and video campaigns.

Sucrose is a handcrafted, high resolution letterpress type design from Yellow Design Studio. With rectangular letterforms, Sucrose’s all-caps architecture is perfectly suited to the San Jose Sharks’ own brawny posture.

Available in eight levels of distressing for each letter (four for all other characters), Sucrose offers graphic designers a great deal of flexibility in their projects. It’s a strong addition to branding and identity projects, advertising campaigns, and merchandise, in addition to a number of other design applications.

YouWorkForThem provided the San Jose Sharks with a Large Volume Commercial License extension for static print and digital applications, along with a Broadcast/Streaming extension for video.

The Tough San Jose Sharks License The Rugged Sucrose From Yellow Design Studio - 1

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