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Over recent years, there’s been an increasingly upward trend in the public’s demand for organic agriculture and organically made products. More and more people are preferring foods with minimal processing, clothing derived from natural fibers, and beauty products free of potentially harmful chemicals. Every week, new articles are being published about what’s bad for us, what’s good for us, or warning us about things that were once thought to be good but aren’t any longer.

The news stories might be hard to keep track of, but one thing is certain: the world is breaking away from harsh chemicals and processing methods in favor of a much more natural approach to health, sustenance, and lifestyle. With that in mind, there is an ever-growing need for type designs that will convey a similar “homegrown” organic feel, which is why it’s important for graphic designers to have some fantastic go-to lettersets on hand that’ll get the job done.

Handwritten fonts are a great way to add that handcrafted, natural touch to a range of design projects that include product packaging, displays, signage, advertising, logos, branding, and identity. They’re also perfect for adding that handmade touch to things like stationery, greeting cards, and invitations. Handcrafted fonts are team players capable of taking on a myriad of roles in the design world.

Over time, though, the cost of quality fonts really adds up, which is exactly why YouWorkForThem put together a solid bundle of handmade fonts. The Handwriting Collection offers a complete set of handwritten type designs in a variety of organically crafted styles so you’ll always have exactly what you need, right at your fingertips. Plus, purchasing this font bundle will save you $360 over what you’d spend on them individually, making this one hella fresh deal.

The Handwriting Collection includes YWFT Burtonian, YWFT Chateau, YWFT Clairemy, YWFT Coltrane, YWFT Crew, YWFT Duncan, YWFT Estee, YWFT Garnier, the best-selling YWFT Hannah, YWFT HLLVTKA, YWFT Mr Hyde, YWFT Olivia, YWFT Owen, YWFT Signature, YWFT, Thinaire, YWFT Watermelon, and YWFT Wheatgrass. Read on to learn a little more about every font in the collection, and you’ll see just how amazing of a font bundle The Handwriting Collection really is.

Inspired by Tim Burton, YWFT Burtonian is an inky delight with an eccentric and playful personality. YWFT Burtonian is equal parts charming and peculiar, making it the perfect choice for eye-catching signage, product packaging, logos, labels, and any project that needs an offbeat, handmade approach to its design.

If you’re looking for a cursive script with a lot of character, YWFT Chateau is a darling oddball of a font. Coarsely written with an almost childlike hand, this type design is a sweet addition to product packaging and logos that need a sense of youth and whimsy.

YWFT Clairemy is a bold, inky letterset steeped in art deco and jazz. Its architecture is ideal for large displays, signage, posters, flyers, logos, and product packaging, and its slightly distressed edges have sped up the font’s aging process, adding the perfect touch of retro character.

Another jazz-inspired type design is YWFT Coltrane, which offers an all-caps letter set in thinly drawn strokes. While it’s far more lightweight than Clairemy, it hits all the right notes wherever it’s placed.

YWFT Crew is a casual and expressive sans serif that’s perfectly at home in a farmer’s market tightly nestled along a busy metropolitan street. This wholesome, unrefined, and additive-free type design is ideal for displays, signage, logos, and product packaging related to the organic food industry and natural beauty product sector.

YWFT Duncan is a childish delight, offering printed letters in careful, heavy strokes. Playful and expressive, it works beautifully in both display and body text applications. It’s well suited to everything from headlines, advertising, body copy, product packaging, labels, logos, posters, merchandise, branding and identity.

If you’re looking for something that hits the shabby chic design aesthetic, YWFT Estee will knock it right out of the park. Estee evokes the qualities we most admire in the women we know and love, balancing their playfulness, their softness, and their unwavering strength and resilience through hand-drawn letterforms. It’s great for fashion advertising, logos, product packaging, branding, labels, and displays, and it works equally well in applications for the organic farming and food sectors.

At first glance, YWFT Garnier comes across as… how would we say it nicely… a wee bit psychotic. Unbalanced. The thing your worst nightmares are made of. The truth is, it’s just a little misunderstood. Yeah, YWFT Garnier might have spent a little time in the sanitarium, but that’s all part of its offbeat charm. There is a method to its madness, and once you get to know it, you’ll love it as much as we do.

YWFT Hannah is an all-caps handset type design with three distinct variations. Clean and easy to read, it carries itself with a youthful charisma that makes it well suited to any design project that needs an organic feel. YWFT Hannah is one of our top-selling fonts and it works beautifully in everything from displays to product packaging, logos, merchandise, branding, and identity projects.

YWFT HLLVTKA is a playful exploration of the classic Helvetica, bringing a far more informal and youthful tone to its architecture. It’s perfect for displays, signage, advertising, product packaging, logos, merchandise, apparel, branding, and identity.

YWFT Mr Hyde is a sweetly feminine, hand drawn serif that conveys an almost childlike innocence in spite of its name. Delicate curls, cutesy ornaments, and a host of spiral-y swash options show a softer side that’s beyond approachable, making it appropriate for package designs that will entice both children and adults to eat their vegetables — willingly.

For many of us, childhood is an idyllic place we retreat to only in dreams. YWFT Olivia is a sans and script duo that captures the unbridled joy of youth. The sans serif will instantly remind you of grade-school print exercises, while the handwritten script is high-spirited in its architecture, boasting an innocent femininity that’s wild and carefree.

YWFT Owen is laid-back and easygoing like a surfer who spends every day on the beach catching waves. YWFT Owen features its regular blocky design and a curly inline; the two can work separately, but they also work surprisingly well when layered together.

If your project calls for a warm marker script, you’re going to love YWFT Signature. This type design is available in Regular and Light, with complete alternate sets for each so you can mix and match their lettering to create unique combinations in words and phrases. On top of that, it also includes a series of hand drawn dingbats to add the perfect handcrafted touch to labels, logos, product packaging, displays, and advertisements.

Similar in style to YWFT Hannah, YWFT Thinaire is an organic printed letter set with upright, pencil-thin strokes. It’s a little shy and quiet at first glance; in fact, we lovingly refer to it as “the dreamy nerd that has all the librarians fluttering at the reference desk.” Understated and anything but simple, YWFT Thinaire adds a beautiful and delicate touch to product packaging, logos, displays, merchandise, and apparel that needs to convey its message in a warm, soft tone.

YWFT Watermelon is sweet, playful and gritty, like a gummy bear with a mild case of road rash. YWFT Watermelon offers its bubbly letterforms in three varying degrees of distressing, so they’ll work equally well in clean, crisp designs or projects that need a battered, aged appearance.

Rounding out the entire collection, YWFT Wheatgrass is tall, lean, and confident, just like the farmer’s daughter next door. YWFT Wheatgrass provides more than 1,200 glyphs so if you’re looking for a handcrafted all-caps letterset that’s loaded with alternate characters and opentype features, you’re gonna love this one.

If you bought every one of these fonts individually, it would cost you $466. Smartly bundled together into one singular mega-pack of handwritten sweetness, The Handwriting Collection goes for just $99, providing you with more than 78% in savings! If you’re into handwritten fonts and saving a ton of cash in the process, grab The Handwriting Collection right away – you’ll be glad to have this collection on hand for your upcoming design projects!

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