Internacional: A Sans Serif Inspired By The International Style - 1

Los Andes Type is a foundry that got its initial start as a subsidiary design studio of LatinoType. As time went on, it became its own standalone type foundry. Through typography, Los Andes Type explores its personal view of the world, finding its inspiration in nature and travel, and the life experiences of the typographers who work with them. That personal flair lends an unmistakeable element of individuality to the work of Los Andes Type.

The foundry prides itself on maintaining a high standard of quality, which is an easy thing when you think about the typographers behind the foundry’s releases.

For instance, Luciano Vergara, the designer behind one of Los Andes Type’s more recent releases, Internacional, pours a wealth of knowledge and experience into his projects for the foundry. Luciano has spent years working as both a graphic and information designer, as well as  teaching the art of typography to students pursuing a career in the field. As a co-founder of LatinoType, he has only continued to flourish in his career, crafting a long list of successful type designs that include Niemeyer, Darwin Pro, Pantano Pro, and Estandar and Estandar Rounded.

Luciano’s inspiration for Internacional was inspired by the international style, with an added visual flavor of his native Latin America. Internacional is a sans serif, neo-grotesque type design that’s a strong contender for any project that needs that neutral letterset. Contemporary and clean, this font is a brilliant addition to a variety of projects.

Internacional is a no-nonsense yet friendly type design that’s easy on the eyes, making it perfect for projects that feature long passages of text. It’s ideal for everything from headlines and editorials to signage, displays, publishing, website design, body copy, corporate communications, letterhead, logo design, presentations, infographics, posters, advertising, and mobile applications. Its range of styles and weights make it a great choice for branding and identity projects that need design cohesion across multiple media channels.

Internacional is comprised two styles, Normal and Alt, which both include seven weights that range from Thin to Black, with corresponding italics for each. This 28-font family offers case sensitive forms, superscript, fractions, and ordinals for additional design flexibility. Internacional extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Dutch for far-reaching accessibility.

Los Andes Type currently offers 29 products through YouWorkForThem, a range of type designs that include sans serifs, slab serifs, scripts, and display fonts to suit a variety of project styles and themes. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their work and bookmark it so you won’t miss out on any of their upcoming releases!

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