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While modern graphic designers openly embrace the tools and technology at their fingertips, many of them will always hold a special place in their hearts for vintage design styles. One such designer is Matej Il?ík, a talented graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist who revels in crafting midcentury design effects.

Matej established Guerillacraft, a studio that focuses on providing graphic designers with assets that make it easy to add realistic midcentury effects to their work. Through products that include brushes, textures, graphics, and pre-programmed actions for Illustrator and Photoshop, Guerillacraft has earned a reputation for quality products that shave hours off of a graphic designer’s workflow.

Much of that is a result of Matej own work processes. He’s always searching for ways to be more productive, to craft better results, and to make the most of his time. That’s what he keeps in mind when it comes to the products he releases into the marketplace – helping other designers to achieve the same things he strives for in his own workflow.

One of Guerillacraft’s more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator, a collection of 68 no-stretch brushes designed to work with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS3 through CS6.


The pattern-based brushes in Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator are designed to be “illustration friendly,” keeping their shapes over the entire length of a stroke. Designers can use the brushes in this collection for both line art and for creating shading details with a cleanly defined and contemporary style.

Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator offers a series of seamless brush stroke patterns that include single dots, rounded dashes, lines of varying lengths, halftone-effect dots and more, all to make the finer details of modern illustration faster and easier to render. These brushes are ideal for projects of all kinds, including children’s book illustrations, comic panels, storyboards, infographics, logos, website designs, and any project that will have contemporary illustrations as a focal point.

Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator includes 68 brushes, with those same 68 brushes available in a multicolor version, for a total of 136 brushes. The Adobe Illustrator CC version contains auto generated corners for greater finesse. If you’re new to Adobe Illustrator or if you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to using these brushes, Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator includes quick tutorials on how to re-color the multicolor brushes and how to create rounded corners in the non-CC versions of Adobe Illustrator.


Make Easy, Detailed Brush Strokes With Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator - 2

Guerillacraft currently offers 44 products through YouWorkForThem, featuring a range of brushes, layer styles, effects, and textures for rendering beautiful vintage effects in digitally-crafted graphic designs. Visit their portfolio to view their entire body of work and if you love working on projects with midcentury design elements and style, bookmark it because you’re going to want to check back often for new releases and old favorites.

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