Oxana Kuznetsova is a talented graphic designer and freelance illustrator with a well-earned reputation for crafting beautiful design bundles by hand. Also going by the name, Milka, Oxana has worked on everything from mockups to brushes to patterns – and everything in between. She’s even delivered brush-making tutorials for other graphic designers to learn from and she also writes regularly for The Designest, focusing on rounding together the latest and greatest wallpaper backgrounds for computers and mobile devices.

Oxana is captivated by the beauty in this world and she finds magic and inspiration everywhere she looks. For her, every illustration should tell a story and even the slightest detail matters. To keep her creativity flowing, her desk is a landing zone for sketches, paint tubes, and interesting stationery. Even her computer and mobile devices display richly-colored abstract wallpapers full of inspiration. While many of her illustrations are intricately drawn and highly detailed, Oxana also enjoys working on fluid and abstract art. She considers fluid art as a sort of anti-stress hobby, one that enables her to enjoy the texture of the paints, the mixing of colors, the feel of the brush as it drags across the canvas and creates a new world right before her eyes. 

One of her more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is The Fairy Vector Brushes, a collection of hand-drawn brushes and patterns with a decidedly retro aesthetic. Oxana focused on using fine lines to craft this series, offering both straight and rough outlines, dots, dashes, stippling, and hatching brushes that will add serious texture and detail to any vector illustration.


The Fairy Vector Brushes is a celebration of nature, offering “short” brushes of birds in flight and patterns of fir trees, moose, giraffe print, and water-like waves. 

This collection is ideal for fairy tale style illustrations in publishing, graphic novels, posters, and even product packaging and apparel. It’s also perfect for vintage postcards and stationery designs, cartoons, marketing materials, and any graphic design project that needs an illustrated-by-hand appearance with a touch of whimsy.

The Fairy Vector Brushes collection offers 38 versatile vector brushes, nine vector patterns, and three sample illustrations. This product was designed specifically for use with Adobe Illustrator and works with Adobe Illustrator CC.

Oxana Kuznetsova currently offers four products through YouWorkForThem, including floral brushes, pattern brushes, and even a set of scene-creation mockups. Visit her portfolio to check out the rest of her work and if you love what you find there, bookmark it so you won’t miss out on any of her future releases!

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