Jim LePage is an independent artist who sort of took the long way around to find the career that would become his passion. He started out teaching preschool but after some time had passed, he realized he needed a change. What that meant at the time, he didn’t know, but his wife suggested that he go back to college for something.

While he didn’t have much of a background in art or drawing, he chose to enroll in a local graphic design program. “I was not that kid who was always drawing,” Jim said. “Other than playing in a couple bands, I didn’t have much experience creating art.” Still, that didn’t stop him from jumping in with both feet and trying something entirely new. After all, sometimes the very best things come from taking a chance and seeing where it leads.

For Jim, that one decision changed the entire course of his career and his life. He worked in graphic design, art direction, and illustration for a number of years before discovering a passion for abstract art. Where his day job required catering to his clients’ every need, abstract art was something he was able to explore on his own. Most people who work in a creative field need an outlet for their own creative pursuits and for Jim, abstract art gave him the opportunity to create and explore, free from the confines of a client project. 


As he delved more deeply into abstract art, his personal style began to emerge in tandem and eventually, his work began to receive some considerable notoriety. In fact, his work has been featured on album artwork, snowboards, book covers, and branding materials. Some of his abstract paintings were featured on one of Feist’s albums, eventually being put on large, full-color display across billboards in a couple of major U.S. cities. Some of his other clients have included Universal Music, Dead Oceans Records, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Over App – just to name a very select few. 

While he initially set up an online shop to sell his abstract work on his own website, Jim later went on to establish Chroma Supply as a “creator and distributor of high-quality abstract design resources.” Many of the products available are purely the work of Jim LePage but Chroma Supply has also collaborated with other artists over the years.

One of Chroma Supply’s more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Beyond–Stunning Outer Space Textures, a collection of high-resolution images that are literally out of this world. All of the textures in this series are based on public domain images from NASA, each of which has been processed and recolored to create some seriously vivid galactic masterpieces. Beyond–Stunning Outer Space Textures bring the beauty of our universe straight to your fingertips. These fantastical images are alight in celestial color, opening a window to a unique view of the unknown and unexplored. If you’re a stargazer who’s inspired by what’s “up there” as much as we are, you’ll absolutely love this collection.

Beyond–Stunning Outer Space Textures are perfect for design projects of all kinds, including posters, packaging designs, wallpapers, backgrounds, album artwork, website designs, digital art collage, merchandise, apparel, stationery, marketing materials, and any design project that needs a touch of magic and mystery. You can use the full scope of each piece or crop them to focus on the macro details for icons, badges, labels, business cards, and small-scale designs.


Beyond–Stunning Outer Space Textures offers 12 high-resolution .jpg files at 300dpi (RGB colorspace) so they’re ideal for both print and digital displays of all sizes. This collection also includes a set of Photoshop brushes crafted from the textures in this series so you can easily create some of your own!

Chroma Supply currently offers more than 120 products through YouWorkForThem, an incredible range of gorgeous abstract image collections and abstract effects to suit projects of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for something a little more nature-based like Organic, or something that’s a little more three-dimensional and experimental like Fragment, you’re guaranteed to find something absolutely beautiful and unique for your next design project. Visit Chroma Supply’s portfolio to check out the rest of their work and if you’re as captivated by their imagery as we are, you’re going to want to bookmark it so you can check back often for new additions!

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