Established in 2007, LatinoType was founded by Miguel Hernández, who was later joined by Daniel Hernández and Luciano Vergara. What began as Chile’s first digital type foundry has grown into one of the most well-recognized names in type design, and specifically South American type design.

The foundry’s deeply-rooted South American cultural influences make their way into every type design they release, balancing contemporary design aesthetics with a high degree of versatility and multilingual support. Over the years since it was founded, LatinoType has worked with a number of graphic designers and typographers throughout Latin America. The foundry also regularly participates in workshops with up-and-coming typographers, offering their wealth of knowledge in the field to the next generation of type designers.

LatinoType does its level best to support the education and careers of the designers and typographers it works with. One such designer is Alfonso Garcia, a graphic designer who specializes in typography. Alfonso’s primary interests lie in periodicals like magazines, newspapers, and books. Previously working as a freelance designer, Alfonso is a teacher at Universidad Nacional De San Juan, specifically in Typographic Design of the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design. His focus is on editorial design, type design, and in using programs that include Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


One of Alfonso’s more recent designs released through LatinoType is Multiple, a true workhorse superfamily of sans and slab serifs. The idea behind Multiple’s initial concept was to craft a font family that could fit the bill for just about any design scenario. Alfonso really hit the ball out of the park with this one, because this 90-font family is capable and ready to handle anything.

With soft, rounded shapes and large counters, Multiple is perfectly suited to large-scale displays and small-scale text applications. The sheer degree of versatility found in this typeface family is staggering, giving designers an incredible amount of flexibility in their work. Alfonso describes this family as “one font, multiple faces,” and no truer words have probably ever been spoken.


Multiple Sans is available in Sans Pro and Sans Alt I, II, III, and IV. Its Slab companion is available in Slab Pro and Slab Alt I, II, and III. Each is available in ExtraLight, Light, Regular, SemiBold, and Bold, with corresponding italics for each. The entire family is perfect for everything from headlines to editorials, body copy, website designs, logos, letterhead, corporate communications, white papers, infographics, presentations, publishing, product packaging, titling, and mobile applications. With such an impressive range of styles and weights, it’s beautifully suited to identity and branding projects that require seamless design cohesion across multiple media types.

OpenType features for Multiple include fractions, standard ligatures, ordinals, superscript, and oldstyle figures for even greater versatility. Its multilingual support is extensive, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for design applications in 207 different languages.


LatinoType currently offers 158 products through YouWorkForThem, a range of sans serifs, serifs, slab serifs, scripts, and display fonts to suit design projects of every style and theme. Visit their portfolio to view their entire body of work and check back often for new releases!

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