Based in Russia, UI/UX designers Nick Frost and Greg Lapin teamed up together to establish Pixelbuddha, a growing resource of design assets for graphic designers around the world. While they scour the internet in search of awesome digital resources, they’ve also been hard at work creating and publishing their own products for personal and commercial use.

Cofounded by UI/UX designers, Pixelbuddha initially offered UI products and icons, but it’s grown to include everything from software, apps, templates, themes, and web goodies. Nick and Greg have built a team that includes an illustrator, animator, and web analyst to craft a much wider range of products for designers.

They find that this collaboration has made all the difference in Pixelbuddha’s success. Working with others can sometimes pose a unique set of challenges, particularly for creatives who are used to doing their own thing, but now that they’ve found the perfect people to round out the team, Pixelbuddha has grown into a premier resource for the graphic and web design industry.

One of their most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Memento Shader Brushes for Photoshop, a complete set of 35 brushes that enable designers to do just about any type of textured shading effects.


Memento Shader Brushes includes seven brushes with a soft shading texture, perfect for painting in even the smallest of details. This tool kit also includes seven noise brushes for adding shading details with a grittier texture. 

If you’re into the grungier look of hatches, Memento Shader Brushes offers seven hatch brushes for creating a rougher texture in illustrations. Seven pressure brushes make it a snap to play with opacity in your shading application, while seven edging brushes will give you the sharp edges you crave.

Memento Shader Brushes includes a set of 12 grain textures in .eps and .png formats, along with a handy help file to set you on the right path if you lose your way.

All of the brushes in the Memento Shader Brushes tool collection can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content to craft digital illustrations in any style. They’re fantastic for everything from website designs and logos, posters, editorial illustrations, comics, publishing applications, displays, signage, album art, advertising, and so much more!

Pixelbuddha currently offers 50 products through YouWorkForThem. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in your work, you’re sure to find something you’ll love for your next project, whether you’re into recreating the look of old movies, text effects from the 1980s, or you need halftone effects fo Photoshop or Procreate. Visit Pixelbuddha’s portfolio to check out all of their products and bookmark it so you won’t miss out on new releases as they arrive!

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