We’re always really excited to introduce new type designers at YouWorkForThem! One such designer is David Matos, a multi-talented graphic designer who recently released his first font, Unicorn.

David is a graphic designer with a wealth of experience in art direction, creative direction, editorial design, and visual communication. He began his career in Portugal, later relocating to Barcelona to pursue his master’s degree in interactive media. After working with design studios in varying capacities, David went on to establish his own design studio, Shutupandance, back in 2010. 

These days, David lives and works in Berlin, where he runs his one-person design studio, working with agencies and companies from around the world. His time spent working in graphic design and visual communication led him to eventually explore the mechanics behind type design.

Unicorn is an ultra-condensed serif design that makes the most of limited horizontal design space. This letter set was inspired by midcentury minimalist designs, specifically a furniture advertisement from a 1943 issue of Domus, an architecture magazine. 

Unicorn embodies the midcentury modern feel that permeated the 1940s and 50s, an aesthetic that has come back into popular favor over recent years. Unicorn’s lean architecture reaches for the stars, yet it remains an easily legible type style to work with for design projects of all sizes. 

Primarily designed to work as a display font, Unicorn works exceptionally well in displays and signage, headlines and subheadings, advertising, logos, posters, marketing materials, product packaging, apparel, and merchandise. It has a subtle dramatic flair that works especially well in title design, book covers, and album art. For maximum drama, David recommends using this type design with a “bright and smart color palette” to really achieve that midcentury vibe.

Unicorn offers standard and discretionary ligatures, extending multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages.

David currently offers just one product through YouWorkForThem, but we’re really looking forward to seeing more of his work as time goes on! Visit his portfolio so you can bookmark it and check back for new additions in the future!

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