Released in 1957, Helvetica is one of the most well-known and oft-used sans serif typefaces used today. Designed by Max Miedinger with assistance from Eduard Hoffmann, Helvetica is a prime example of Swiss typographic style in all its glory, featuring clean lines and a minimalist architecture that speaks with clarity and neutrality.

Helvetica is a beloved type design, and it’s one that has inspired decades of typographic designs across decades. In 2007, YouWorkForThem first explored its own variant of Helvetica, which featured hand-drawn characters in a more casual, playful style. Just a few years later, we took those original drawings and fully developed them into a complete type design with OpenType functionality.

The result was YWFT HLLVTKA: a contemporary and more informal variant of a classic sans serif lettering style. YWFT HLLVTKA explores the basic structure of Helvetica with a casual and youthful hand; a 100% organic design that greatly appeals to the recent industry trends toward homegrown and natural wares.

YWFT HLLVTKA speaks with a warm and friendly tone, featuring sketch-style lettering that works beautifully in design projects of all kinds, including logos, headlines, subheadings, displays, signage, menus, product packaging, merchandise, apparel, book covers, album artwork, website designs, banners, social media imagery, and mobile applications.


Organic and original, YWFT HLLVTKA is ideal for branding and identity projects that need a fresh take on a classic lettering style. It is especially well-suited to design projects in the industries of organic food and beverages, gardening, natural cosmetics and beauty products, and restaurants.

YWFT HLLVTKA is available in Normal and Outline styles for greater design versatility. It offers stylistic alternates in uppercase, lowercase, numerical characters and punctuation for better flexibility. This type design extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin for designs intended for a global audience.

And because we never let go of popular classics, when you purchase the complete YWFT HLLVTKA family, you’ll receive a FREE copy of the original 2007 handset design in .eps format — which includes several more letter options to work with!

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