“Let’s watch the old year die with a fond goodbye and our hopes as high as a kite.” Those words were first sung by Bing Crosby in the early 1940s, but they’re as true now as they were then. Before we move any further into 2020, we’re taking one last look backward as we present our Top Ten Graphics & Extras of 2019.

A number of graphics and extras on this year’s list have maintained their same spots from 2018, a testament to how popular they are with graphic designers around the world. True Grit Texture Supply, Francesco Stefanini, Mazarine, Design Assets, Hello Mart, Colorpong, RuleByArt, Vintage Voyage Design, and Vanzyst all found a place on this year’s listing.

Our Top Ten Graphics & Extras of 2019 are based entirely on sales through YouWorkForThem. So let’s kick this thing off!


1. Halftone Zine Machine

For the second year in a row, Halftone Zine Machine from True Grit Texture Supply has held on to the number one spot in our Top Ten Graphics & Extras list. Halftone Zine Machine enables live and nondestructive editing through the use of Smart PSD functionality, making it easy to apply any one (or more) of the 14 unique halftone patterns included. Halftone Zine Machine provides 14 halftone dot, noise, line, diffusion, and stipple patterns that add instant halftone texture. This set also includes five “helper actions” that enable quick processing and exporting when you’re pressed for time and a copy paper texture for “that little somethin’ extra.” Halftone Zine Machine comes with a quick-start installation guide and a detailed user guide that offers advanced tips and tricks designers can explore in their workspace.


2. Distorted/Photocopy Vector Effects

Distorted/Photocopy Vector Effects has taken the silver again in this year’s Top Ten Graphics & Extras list. Designed by Francesco Stefanini, Distorted/Photocopy Vector Effects is a “shape mesh” that adds a wavy and glitch-like visual distortion to graphic designs — in seconds. Distorted/Photocopy Vector Effects offers a variety of vertical, horizontal and square wavy distortions for vector-based work, a perfect “art-typo” asset for creating unique album covers, book covers, posters, marketing materials, displays, signage, website banners, social media imagery, and button designs.


3. Warpa

Taking third place once again this year, Warpa is a collection of abstract vector graphics that add a sense of movement and optical illusion wherever they’re used. Featuring 30 images and designed by Mazarine, Warpa offers a series of topsy-turvy three-dimensional vector graphics that are ideal for backgrounds, website designs, banners, fabric designs and decor accents, stationery, logos, marketing materials, icons, product packaging, album artwork, wrapping paper and gift bags, text overlays, and digital art collages.


4. Letterpress Print Kit

Letterpress Print Kit made our Top Ten list again at fourth place this year. Created by Design Assets, Letterpress Print Kit offers a template file that adds an authentic, weathered letterpress print texture to any font. (Yes — any font.) Letterpress Print Kit is perfect for adding age in an instant to lettering on displays, signage, logos, product packaging, merchandise, apparel designs, headlines, websites, mobile applications, advertising. It’s a great choice for branding and identity projects that want to set an oft-used font apart from the rest, in seconds. Letterpress Print Kit is available in .psd format and is designed for use exclusively in Adobe Photoshop, working in CS6 13.0.1 and greater.


5. Cursive Neon Type

Coming in fifth place in 2019, Cursive Neon Type is the cursive script descendant of the original Neon Type, offering all of the same features through connective cursive lettering. Designed by Design Assets, Cursive Neon Type enables graphic designers to craft three-dimensional and authentic-looking neon lettering in moments. This design asset is perfect for displays, signage, advertising, product packaging,  website designs, book covers, posters, album artwork, logos, product packaging, marketing materials, merchandise, and apparel designs. Cursive Neon Type provides separate and movable letters — although it isn’t a font — and each letter has an “on” and “off” state to toggle its finished “neon” appearance.


6. Minima

Sixth place once again goes to Minima, a digital art pack designed by Hello Mart. Minima provides 163 dot, line, square, hexagon, halftone, triangle, plus sign, and custom shape patterns that work beautifully in both small and large scale. This digital art pack is comprised of 25 seamless patterns in black and white. It’s adaptable to just about every image editing software imaginable, providing high-resolution .png files with transparent backgrounds, .jpg files, and vector .eps, .pdf, and .ai variants for complete flexibility. Minima works well in backgrounds and photo overlays, fabric designs, gift wrap and gift bags, product packaging, wallpaper, stationery, greeting cards, book covers, album artwork, posters, marketing materials, art prints, digital collage projects, and even text overlays.


7. Dataism

In this year’s list, Dataism moves up one spot from last year to come in seventh place. Designed by Colorpong, Dataism is a series of vector graphics that are, quite honestly, works of art unto themselves. Dataism celebrates data and motion, alive with fluid movement as particles and streams of radiant light dance across the screen, captured in suspended animation. This collection is particularly suited to designs in the industries of technology, computers, science, physics, and mathematics. It’s a brilliant addition to website designs, product packaging, merchandise, apparel, publishing applications, album artwork, mobile applications, logos, and marketing materials. Because the images in this series are offered only in .eps format, we recommend using them with vector editing software for best results.


8. Grain Shader Brushes For Illustrator

Grain Shader Brushes For Illustrator also moves up a place to number eight this year. Designed by True Grit Texture Supply, Grain Shader Brushes For Illustrator makes it a snap to add grain, texture, and shadow to graphic designs. This all-in-one brush set includes 25 high-quality texture brushes, 10 .tiff grainy overlay textures, and 10 .png grainy overlay textures. Grain Shader Brushes for Illustrator also comes with a detailed user guide and a brush thumbnail “cheat sheet” when you’re in a hurry to find the exact one you’re looking for. Recommended for intermediate and expert Illustrator users, this collection adds realistic texture that was obtained from authentic source materials like vintage paper, concrete, toner, ink spray, and sponged paint. This set is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and higher.


9. EPS Network Vectors

Coming in ninth place in 2019, EPS Network Vectors offers a variety of high-resolution vector images of synaptic designs in exquisite detail. Designed by RuleByArt, EPS Network Vectors explores the themes of network connectivity, data, and energy. The 20 illustrations in this gorgeous collection can stand as complete works of art on their own, but they’re beautifully fitted to design projects of all kinds, particularly those in the industries of technology, computers, science, energy, and health. EPS Network Vectors work well in backgrounds, website designs, book and album art, product packaging, merchandise, posters, presentations, infographics, mobile applications, marketing materials, branding, and identity projects. The files in EPS Network Vectors are available in .eps format so we recommend using vector editing software for best results.


10. 85 Ink Textures

Rounding out this year’s Top Ten Graphics & Extras is 85 Ink Textures from Vintage Voyage Design. These grainy and halftone textures will add a realistic and natural texture to graphic design projects of all kinds. 85 Ink Textures includes a variety of ink textures, grunge, grain, and halftone textures that offer a lot of flexibility in a designer’s workspace. These are not vector textures, however; they are high-resolution (larger than 5500x7500px, 900dpi) .tiff and .png with transparent background. 85 Ink Textures is perfect for adding some aged texture to displays, signage, logos, product packaging, advertising, merchandise, apparel, website designs, marketing materials, posters, book covers, album artwork, and any design project that needs a vintage aesthetic. 


Contour Mapping (Honorable Mention)

Our first honorable mention goes to Contour Mapping from Hello Mart. While contour maps are popularly used by cartographers, they also make for visually-interesting additions to graphic design projects. Inspired by modern 60s era book cover art, Contour Mapping offers more than 60 design variations that were created from actual contour maps. This bundle also contains six vector contour maps in black and white and a wide variety of color palettes. Versions that enable designers to edit the text and numbers are included, as well, and these patterns are also available as seamless swatches and as placement designs. All vector files offered in .ai, .eps, and .pdf formats.


100 Geometric Shapes Part 1 (Honorable Mention)

Our second honorable mention goes to 100 Geometric Shapes Part 1. Designed by Vanzyst, this collection offers 100 individual geometric shapes and ten seamless patterns in black and white, although all objects can be easily transformed into seamless patterns. The illustrations in this series are perfect for logo designs, product packaging, merchandise, apparel, marketing materials, displays and signage, website designs, banners, mobile applications, icons, publishing applications, photography and layer effects, and even text overlays. 100 Geometric Shapes Part 1 provides each individual element in .ai, .eps, .jpg, and .png formats, giving graphic designers plenty of flexibility in their work, no matter which editing software they work with.

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