When it comes to presenting your graphic design work to existing or potential clients, it can be hard for them to imagine that design in a real-world setting. Urban Poster Mockup is an online shop that specializes in crafting photographic mockups that make it a snap to incorporate your design work into a lifelike setting. Established in 2013, Urban Poster Mockup has been in the business of making it easy for graphic designers to display their work in a true-to-life setting.

The benefit of using mockups is far-reaching. Not only does it make your finished design work look more professional, but it also takes away the guesswork for clients because they don’t have to imagine what the design will look like on a box, in a poster, or on a billboard — they can see it firsthand. Mockups also solidify just how well a design will (or won’t) work in a given setting, so adaptations and modifications can take place before a sign or billboard makes it into production. 


On their own, mockups make an entire portfolio look more put together and professional, showing your work on display in a real-world scenario. They’re a great addition to website layouts and online portfolios, demonstrating to potential clients just how well your designs work in different applications.

One of Urban Poster Mockup’s most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Billboard Mockup VOL.2, a series of 20 real billboard spaces from around Berlin and London. Featuring different locations and lighting, billboards in this collection are found along underpasses, cement wall spaces, the side of buildings, public sidewalks, near public transit, and in green spaces.

The images in this collection feature paper poster textures that add an element of realism to the finished composite. The settings take into account the lighting conditions of each photograph so when you add your graphic designs, they’ll appear exactly as they should to “fit” into the original image — in color, and in black and white!


Editing these images is easy: simply double-click on the proper layer and paste your image. With highly-detailed finishing, Billboard Mockup VOL.2 will make it look like your work is already out in the world and on full display — in moments! Some billboards feature additional details like traffic lights or people walking in front of the display, adding an extra element of realism to your finished mockup.

The images in Billboard Mockup VOL.2 are high resolution at 5500 x 3672 pixels, making them perfect for both print and digital presentations.

This product features layered .psd files and is designed to work with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above.


Urban Poster Mockup currently offers four products through YouWorkForThem, including Billboard Mockups Vol.1 and two series of poster mockups in an urban setting. Visit their portfolio to take a look at their other mockup collections and bookmark it so you can check back for new additions in the future!