Ivan Kamzyst is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kiev, Ukraine. As a designer releasing work under her personal label, Vanzyst, Ivan likes to experiment with form, approaching every project from a variety of different angles. His methods enable him to create stunning visual effects through vector illustrations used by graphic designers around the world. 

One of his most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Shift, a collection of minimalist geometric abstract gradient designs in a variety of styles. 

Shift features a series of contemporary pattern designs and transitions that emerge through the creative use of parallel lines and dynamic halftone effects, creating optical illusions that generate a sense of dizzying movement in an image that’s standing perfectly still.


This series is not for the faint of heart (or eyes). It’s a creative exploration of light and shadow developed through a minimalist approach to pattern design. The images in Shift are ideal for everything from app interfaces to web designs and wallpapers, logo designs, product packaging, marketing materials, publishing, animations, fabric designs, merchandise, posters, album artwork, and so much more.

Shift includes a variety of filetypes to suit just about every design software on the market. It provides one common .eps 10 file in RGB vector format for Adobe Illustrator 10, one common .ai file in RGB vector format for Adobe Illustrator CS or newer, and one common .svg file that can be used and edited in Canva.

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