Based in Estonia, Clear Supply is a graphic design studio that crafts “simple yet insane design resources of the highest caliber.” Through experimentation and a willingness to push the limits of what’s possible with design, Clear Supply is known for inventing assets and digital tools that will take any design project to the next level.

One of their more popular products is Flüx, “a modular build kit for vector metaball structures.” This toolkit provides designers with a variety of soft cell shapes that can be mixed and matched together to create unique cellular compositions for infographics, logos, patterns, and so much more.


Flüx is particularly well-suited to design projects relating to the themes of microbiology, health, science, technology, data, and research. The possibilities are limitless with this series, whose elements can be incorporated into everything from logos to informational sheets, marketing materials, website designs, mobile applications, advertising, product packaging, print and digital publications, biology-themed decor, and even fabric patterns.

Offering 54 singular build elements in various sizes, Flüx also provides 46 pre-made compositions to work with for designers working in a hurry. The single build elements can be paired together to create one-of-a-kind soft cell clusters of any size and design space, while the pre-made compositions are offered in a variety of clusters and cell chains – providing designers with a lot of flexibility in their work.


Flüx provides files in .ai and .eps formats. For best results, we recommend using them with appropriate vector editing software.

Clear Supply currently offers nine products through YouWorkForThem and we’re always looking forward to seeing more of their work. If you love working with experimental design assets, you’re going to love what Clear Supply has to offer – including their inventive Liquid Modulator for creating realistic water displacements. Visit their portfolio to take a look at the rest of their products and bookmark it so you can check back for new additions as they arrive over time!