“Vintage” indicates something from a past era, or something new designed to have the appearance of the past. So although the word works to describe most of Indieground’s products, it’s not a perfect fit. The reason for that resides in the sheer perfection of Indieground’s renditions. They are so convincing, that calling them “vintage” in the sense of new things designed to appear old doesn’t do them justice. Nor do they have the dusty, found appearance of actual items from the past, like a 1981 Toto cassette or a 1979 Bruce Lee poster, items in a box under a box beneath a table in a basement. Beat up items that have aged for decades, both cherished and neglected without contradiction.

No, what Roberto Perrino and his team seem to be presenting are items and images that are so genuine, that it’s plausible this Vicenza studio has access to a wormhole through time. While others visiting the past are invariably preoccupied with grand battles and the terrible ramifications of attempting to change the future, Roberto and the Indieground team pass under the radar. When they visit the 1970s and 1980s, they carefully look at what’s on people’s walls and in their cassette cases, and they’re not above slipping a few things into their pockets.

And that’s lucky for us. Real items pulled directly from the source. What’s going on here with Narse, for instance, that puts you back into that cool kid’s room who knew that Tokyo was divided into prefectures, watched Monty Python, understood darts, and didn’t have to rent skates at the roller rink because he had his own? It’s more than just that kicking font. How about that time you visited from college, and your favorite poster was gone? Well, it’s back. Now you find yourself in ’82.

Indieground Design takes you there, and now to put the final touch on your projects here is something truly amazing: Plastic Textures. Choose from 80 different textures of plastic wraps, shrink wraps, bubble wraps, and plastic bags for your artworks. These overlays will turn your poster or image into a real object, into that item you had the foresight never to unwrap when you bought it thirty years ago. Add a tangible reality to all your projects, as these 80 textures can be scaled to any size. Let these realistic textures deepen the retro mood. Feel the wrap moving beneath your fingers when you stick the “Parental Advisory” sticker onto the first pressing of your latest LP. Have a look. It’s that real.

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