Psychedelic Daydream is a set of swirling, bright, psychedelic swaths, ostensibly for backgrounds, but perfectly welcome as foregrounds. One special quality of Melanie McCabe’s Psychedelic Daydream is its vintage softness, its warm familiarity. Here is an expression of psychedelia from vinyl album covers and easier times. There’s something too personal and genuine happening in these images—the McCabe magic of imbuing the abstract with concrete emotion and personality. That’s pure groovy.

The bonus daisy flower photo puts the period at the end of that sentence. Taken all together, the convincing blend of vintage psychedelia segueing into beautiful daisies evokes the Czechoslovak New Wave masterpiece Daisies. Daisies places two self-centered pranksters into a cinematic universe of brightly colored, sumptuous sets, lending their otherwise inconsiderate and outlandish behaviour a remarkable poetic depth and philosophical reach. What does this juxtaposition say about them and the society they occupied?

Great backgrounds like Psychedelic Daydream can add the same inquiring or conflicting sense into your work, be it an album or book cover, poster, website, or other project. At the same time, these images are gorgeous and can be used to emphasize the same, no contrast needed. For instance, consider the perfect accord between the music, band, and the drifting psychedelic backgrounds of the Carolyn’s Fingers video from the Cocteau Twins. Here, background acts as affirmation of the music’s delicacy and atmospheric height, a musical transcription of the patterns and shooting stars we see when we close our eyes to bright sun. The images of Psychedelic Daydream can be used in a similar manner to bring out your subject’s best notes and softest secrets.


Please consider everything Melanie McCabe has on offer, because power and emotion span her entire collection. The dreamy, grainy, memory-like quality that characterizes so much of her work is a force, evoking the same depth and unreachability as old Super 8 film depicting a world both gone and familiar.  We are proud to work with such an outstanding artist.

Psychedelic Daydream is a collection of 20, groovy, gritty, grainy, abstract backgrounds and 1 bonus daisy flower photo, for a total of 21 design assets.


What’s Included:

+ Psychedelic Daydream Backgrounds: 20 groovy, gritty, grainy, colorful abstract backgrounds. (JPG 6000px x 4285px @300dpi)

+ Bonus Daisy Flower Photo: 1 of McCabe’s favorite flower photos, included because it looks great used as an overlay with this set. (JPG 4288px x 2848px)

Psychedelic Daydream is perfect for backgrounds, overlays, album art, book covers, magazines, web, apps, branding, social media, graphics, posters or whatever your beautiful, creative mind can think of.

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