Emil Bertell has apparently resolved to cure font-shopping by creating one font family for all needs, all the time: Resolve Sans. He’s just the man for the job, as his powerful track record proves. Turku’s typographic main man already had something for everyone, with a collection ranging from the hardworking and practical to the artsy and defiant. For instance, consider his PunkRocker when you want that gig poster to shout it out loud, or his Lawrence for sophistication and quiet strength.

Bertell is also a master illustrator, as evidenced by his website. To call those artworks “illustrations” seems insufficient, the word implying a certain functionality or subservience to a greater project. No, these are powerful artworks beholden to nothing. Consider one of the running themes: breaking the fourth wall. As you scroll through the exhibit, contemplate how often the figures are waiting for your statement or reply, or are perhaps casting judgement or approval. It’s vivid and amazing stuff.


Today, it’s Resolve Sans: one font family to cover it all. Resolve Sans is a super family of 124 fonts: from compressed to extended, thin to black. Resolve Sans perfectly balances neutral appeal with sophistication. Resolve Sans is both a workhorse and a display font with flair. All Resolve Sans fonts come with clever Open Type features such as built-in small capitals and multiple numeral styles. What this means in practical terms is that you get a lot of choices for the appearance of the letters in your project. If you need big, wide letters for a huge poster, it’s there. If you need ultra-slim letters for a delicate message on the web, it’s there. Take a look at the examples, and you will see this range in action. Resolve Sans from Emil Bertell really does cover it all.


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