One of arguably the greatest portrayals of a brilliant wastrel ever to appear on film was performed by an actor that did not drink alcohol. His gait was fabulously drunken, his speech perfectly slurred, his behavior seismically outrageous. But throughout the performance, he was dead sober, thinking very carefully about each movement and word in order to simulate being under the influence to astounding comic effect. He created this character through planning, study, and astounding execution, despite not having direct experience with drinking. It looked wild and convincing, but it was completely controlled and contrived.

Like the skilled actor, the designer’s imagination is driven further by every project, medium, and new design asset. The tools of the trade, both traditional and digital, are doorways to an endless multiverse of possibility in the designer’s deft hands. Mockups and Effects do not replace traditional skills, they enhance and liberate them to better effect the imagination’s unlimited powers.

Studio Family absolutely understands that. Their collection of effects, mockups, graphics, fonts, and more are made for designers by designers. Krists Darzins and Marcis Lokis have used the uninvited quietude of the last couple years to create one of the most comprehensive sets of design tools available. In their own words, the Studio Family collection was “created with the mission to make it easy for creatives around the world to showcase their best work in an exceptional way.”


Now, the lone designer can harness their imagination via these tools to create unlimited moods and images. No matter how wild and abstract a project appears to be, it’s often the result of careful planning, a great set of tools, and explosive imagination. Regarding the tools, Studio Family is a superb partner. Please consider all of the astounding possibilities you will unleash with their brilliant collection.

Consider the super-fun Form Displacer. This tool will let you distort and stretch pictures and text however you wish with four displacement effects with unlimited variations. You can play with an image or text until you achieve that perfect wild look. This tool gives images a sense of fast movement; submersion under water; melting; loss of focus; vertigo; something seen through intense heat; falling; a sense of abstraction and dreaminess; and so much more. The unifying idea is visually interesting displacement textures, and with this one tool you will command endless possibilities. As such, Form Displacer is excellent for unique posters, vinyl covers, social media posts or any other artwork with unique displacement textures. Form Displacer—be cool, calm, and collected while you create wild, twisted, mad images. Another winner from Studio Family.