HK Modular from Hanken Design Co. has an inherently big quality, even when it’s small. The font’s bold demeanor of course grows exponentially when it’s used as a display, title, or poster. HK Modular has a strong, industrial look suitable for cutting-edge products that are also durable and reliable. As such, it is also excellent for future-proof logos and branding. It is perfect for organisations that wish to project “organized” and “unified.”

Whether in regular cut or the softer rounded-corners design, HK Modular retains its dominant qualities. It is an excellent font for industries and businesses that are strongly technical, where consistent products carry the weight instead of fluffy brochures and flowery statements. The font has heft and a metallic solidity that speak of reputations established and jobs well-done.

YouWorkForThem has chosen HK Modular as one of its “hand picked” selections, meaning that it is especially outstanding in terms of look, usability, versatility, and price. HK Modular is typical of the smart, reserved artistry expected from Hanken Design Co. They create products that are useful, strong, and economically smart. Please consider their entire collection.

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