Stéphanie Brusick is a globally successful designer, and it’s big, solid success. A long list of world-renowned clients and publications choose her work again and again: Lacoste, Four Seasons Hotels, Sony Playstation, Avon Cosmetics, Bacardi-Martini, Happy Officine, Sigg, Bistrot 23…to name a few. Her work can even be seen covering Geneva street cars. That’s 1st Prize work, by the way. Hence ending up on trains. In sum, Ms. Brusick is not a one-hit wonder, she’s consistently at the top, year in and year out.

And that matters to you. It means that when you are starting a business or designing something for your first huge client, you can guarantee a world-class presentation by choosing Brusick’s work. When you choose a Brusick font, you not only will have one major concern taken care of, you can rest assured you made an excellent choice.

Magazines, fashion, packaging, accessories, headlines, luxury goods, resorts, cruise lines, branding, social media, image management, logos, web design, posters, billboards…your first impression must be trendy, fashionable, appealing, beautiful, unforgettable, elegant, timeless, luxurious. Stéphanie Brusick’s portfolio guarantees you these things, and her record of success backs that up.


Here’s opportunity: Volte Face. This brilliant artwork illustrates how perfect execution can reconcile seemingly disparate visual concepts to such an extent, that they seem born into a tango-like symbiosis. Brusick states, “Volte-Face typeface is a mix between a chic serif and a script typeface. It has a double personality. Play with the uppercases and the lowercases to give your design a unique style. It is perfect for big headlines.”

Isn’t it a lot more than that, though? Look at the smooth strokes and sporty lines of the script, the way its seductive dance complements the sharp, powerful serif. The serif illustrates the confidence of the artist: it has a smooth elegance, and it knows how to use a delicate thin. But the dagger serifs and commanding height speak of authority, perfect execution, and experience. This is no incidental combination—it’s a perfectly planned pairing, and the result is a definitive whole.

Combining these two striking fonts will give your project tried and true distinction. It will raise it up to the heights of the Brusick portfolio and all of its consistent success. Volte Face—another world class piece from the consistently excellent Stéphanie Brusick.

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