Established by Justin Graefer and Derek Campbell in 2013, BLKBK is a creative studio whose work communicates a tangible expression of emotion through every design it releases. BLKBK’s inspiration is found in the comfortable and familiar nostalgia of things like vinyl artwork from the 1970s, iconic VHS sleeves from the 1980s, hip-hop and graffiti, and hand-painted signage from beloved-but-bygone eras.

The instant familiarity of their work is what the studio is most known for. BLKBK creates fresh and remarkable lettersets that connect with the viewer because of their nostalgic roots. Even if you didn’t grow up with a Purple Rain poster on your bedroom wall or had A Tribe Called Quest spinning on repeat, your subconscious recognizes the artistic influence behind BLKBK’s work, even if it doesn’t quite understand why.

BLKBK’s creative method employs hand-drawn and hand-painted techniques that result in distinctive characters which often manifest unexpectedly out of the process itself. The same holds true for most art, when you think about it; the artist typically begins with a basic plan in mind, but the finished product is almost always a result of evolution. An interesting stroke here, a strange flick of the brush there, and you never know what will really emerge until you’re done.

And that’s part of the fun for BLKBK. They’re all about discovery and taking chances. “We feel it’s important to be true to your own vision and to take chances,” BLKBK told us. “To have confidence in what you create and to explore styles that could often be viewed as weird, or not exactly fitting the current trends.”

One of their more recent releases is Super Natural, a dramatic cursive script that’s packed with all of the vital nutrients your graphic design project is craving. This super fresh, super fun type design is 100% organic with no unnecessary fillers or chemical preservatives. Strong brush strokes draw out the natural sweetness of Super Natural, a bouncy script that’s full of energy from dusk ’til dawn.

The bold marker strokes of Super Natural make it well suited to any design project that needs a friendly, confident script, including displays, signage, advertising, posters, social media images, album art, book covers, logos, branding, apparel, merchandise, and product packaging.

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